Local Links

Although I normally spend my lunch breaks re-reading old roast dinner reviews, there are some other websites focused on the local area that I might occasionally use.

And I recommend them all.  I might even have a hand in one or more of them.

In no particular order, not even a league table:

Weather Forecast for Reading, Berkshire, UK – You’ll never trust the BBC weather app ever again. The definitive weather forecasts for the local area, up to 6 months in advance.

Edible Reading – You probably know about this already but if not then this features proper descriptions of food, different meals each week, absolutely no roast dinners, sex changes or crystal meth deals, and is occasionally funny too.  And about as good at photography as myself.

Shit Things In Reading – Absolutely vital page for those with a sense of humour, especially of the sardonic side of what isn’t always so beautiful about Reading.  Wonderful page.  Brilliant page.  Possibly the best page ever.  Thanks for the link, dude.

Reading-On-Thames – A relatively new blog with detailed analysis of potential development of our town.  If you are interested in new buildings, planning applications, large projects and stuff like that, this is for you.

Alt Reading – Focused on the lesser-known cultural activities in Reading – a must read for anyone into the music, art, theatre scenes of our town – especially those who prefer to stay away from the culture-for-money style vomitathon events.

Reading, UK – what’s on – Vaguely useful Facebook page where people spam their events – a real clusterfuck of ideas for somebody’s idea of fun, from open mic nights, vegetarian feasts to unknown vacuous celebrity appearances.  You name it, it will be there somewhere.

Shit And Not Shit Pubs in Reading – From Shit Tings In Reading comes a pub review page.  Often funny, occasionally wrong – my kind of wrong, that is.  Rumour is that he is going to perform some kind of sex act on a My Little Pony for his next review.  He is a he, by the way.  Definitely.

Ubereadoolische – Possible the best-named site ever (in Reading anyway), this focuses on nights out for those who like house/techno music.  Which is probably nobody except me.

Have I missed anyone’s site?

Good – it must be worse than that This Is Reading guy who has now changed into an electrician advertisement site.

Don’t forget to tell everyone that I recommended you.

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